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A Conceptual Study of Water WSR to Water Pollution and Water Purification

Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


Much of ill health effects humanity in the developing countries is because of unwholesome water supply. Water that is easily accessible, adequate in quantity, free from contamination, safe and readily available throughout the year. There can be no positive health without safe water. Assembly in a resolution emphasized that safe drinking water is a basic element of primary health care. Water is also integrated with other PHC components because it is an essential part of health education, food and nutrition, and also MCH. The relation between the humans and the nature is since early periods of human existence on the earth. Water is the main and most essential resource of nature which is being polluted since centuries. Contamination of water has evolved as a major concern since recent past. Increased suffering and deaths due to the impure water consumption and Failure of sophisticated techniques to reach the poor and middle socio-economical classes despite of amplified flow of money into this sector leads to water pollution a Global problem and Purification as a challenge.


Primary health care, Contamination, Nutrition, Water and Polluted

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