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Model to Predict a Split Range Control of Hot and Cold Water System

Ukpaka Chukwuemeka. Peter, Orie, Kenneth Eze, Dike, Blessing


Mathematical model was developed to monitor, predict, and stimulate hot and cold water system using split range control application. Computer program language of MATLAB software of ODE function was applied to monitor the trend of temperature parameter in the system. Result obtained revealed decrease in temperature value of the hot water and increase in the temperature value of cold water until equilibrium was attained at 132°F at > 1.0 h. A constant in the degree of temperature of the cold water was obtained at 135°F as well as for hot water is 53°F. The research work demonstrates the application of split range control in monitoring, predicting and simulating the hot to cold water system.


Model, predict, split range, control, hot, cold water system

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