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On the Associations of Solar Wind Parameters with Geomagnetic H Components during Intense Geomagnetic Storms

S. O. Chiaha


Associations of geomagnetic H component with solar wind speed and pressure were studied using high resolution (minute) data and applying the method of cross correlation analysis. We analyzed these associations during 74 geomagnetic storms with Dst ≤ -100 nT in solar cycle 23 in view to investigate if the associations vary with the pattern of semiannual variation of geomagnetic storms, it’s intensity and phase of the solar cycle. The results obtained, showed unique strong correlation coefficients for each geomagnetic storm at low and midlatitudes stations. Thus low and mid latitude geomagnetic H component response is prevailed by the predominant ring current in the magnetosphere during geomagnetic storms rather than ionospheric current sources.

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