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Structural and Morphological Studies of MgO Thin Film on ITO Substrate

P. Baby Shalini, A. Ayeshamariam, N. Nagarani, S. Naseema Banu, S. Neelaveni


MgO thin film was prepared by electrodeposition technique on ITO plate and characterized by X-ray diffractometer analysis and its size was in the range of 44 nm and its predominant peak was (311). The film was deposited on ITO plate and these thin films were prepared for device fabrication. The following qualities of the host material i.e., structure, optimum stoichiometry and surface morphological changes etc., are essential, which are the key factors in deciding the performance of the films for their suitability to develop various special devices. The Atomic Force Mass Spectroscopy (AFM) was used to analyze the morphological studies of the thin films. Elemental analysis of the films exhibits elements presents inside the sample and has higher transmittance. The RMS roughness of the thin film is nearly equal to 15 nm.


Roughness of the thin film; Electrodeposition; ITO plate and crystallite size; Analysis; Thin films

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Baby Shalini P, Ayeshamariam A, Nagarani N, Naseema Banu S, Neelaveni S. Structural and Morphological Studies of MgO Thin Film on ITO Substrate. Journal of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation. 2019; 6(3): 38–47p.



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