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Efficient Cooling by Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Mishal VP, Midlaj V, Ajmal Safwan M, Ahammed Hakeel Nazim AR, Nagaraj Kinnal


This paper introduced about general properties of solar hybrid air conditioning system consisting of R22 refrigerant in vapour compression refrigerant cycle with solar still system construction. The solar still is a construction made with GI sheet box with tapered shape and a glass is kept over the tapered box at 18˚ angle and box is coated with black paint for trapping solar radiation inside the box by greenhouse effect. This system used to reduce the energy consumption by super heating the refrigerant into high temperature and pressure in between compressor and condenser. The solar hybrid air conditioning system has bench mark with the traditional vapour compression refrigeration for office, building, etc. It is found that proposed hybrid air conditioning system is in fact practical through high temperature cooling.


Hybrid Air-Conditioner; vapour compression refrigerant cycle; solar still; solar radiation;cooling.

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Mishal V.P., Midlaj V., Ajmal Safwan M., Ahammed Hakeel Nazim A.R., Nagaraj Kinnal. Efficient Cooling by Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System. Journal of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation. 2019; 6(2): 1–5p.



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