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A review on Design of Cascade Vapour compression Refrigeration System

Adari Madhav Sharan Naidu, Neelesh Soni


Cascade refrigeration system is an ultra-low temperature multi-stage refrigeration systems operating at ideal low temperatures ranging from -30°c to -100°c.Cascade system is a frigid system that adopts dual refrigerants having diverse boiling points, that escape through the medium of their particular frigid cycle and are combined by a cascade heat exchanger. Cascade refrigeration systems are used for obtaining faster cooling in a much lower time than the normal vapour compression refrigeration system and are used in food processing units to preserve the food, and cold storages. Cascade systems are utilized as a part of sustenance preparing units to safeguard the nourishment, and icy stockpiles.


Cascade Refrigeration System Vapour compression systems; Refrigerants; Frigid system

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