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Application of ANSYS in heat transfer characteristics of straight hollow tubes

Sunil Dhingra


The mess analysis of straight hollow tubes have been done by many analysis software but out of all ANSYS be considered as the better due the provision of change in parameters. Therefore in the present study, ANSYS Fluent is used for the analysis of the straight tubes. ANSYS Workbench is used for the analysis. Geometry tool Design Modeler is then applied for the design of the tubes. The solution of the straight hollow tube geometry is done using the ANSYS Fluent as the solver. The ANSYS Fluent is used with Dimension setting as 3D, Display option as ‘Display Mesh After Reading’, using ‘Double Precision’ and processing option as ‘Serial’. After the design and analysis of straight hollow tubes, the results are discussed in detail. For this purpose, ANSYS 2019 R3 version is used. In general task page, the quality of mesh is checked and ‘Report Quality’ function displays various quantities in the console window having relation with the mesh quality, such as Maximum cell counts and Maximum aspect ratio. The solver type is used as pressure based as it enables the pressure-based ‘Navier-Stokes’ solution equations and the ‘Velocity Formulation’ that finalize the velocity equations to be used in the calculation is Absolute and the Time shows the time dependence is chosen as steady as the study conditions are steady. The models dialogue box contains a set of models each contains the listing of various models present in ANSYS Fluent. The ultimate aim of this study is to analyze & compare the straight hollow tubes and then to select the best tube geometry


ANSYS, heat transfer, heat & flow characteristics, Best hollow tube geometry, Modeler

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