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Application of Refrigerator and Heat Pump Operated by Solar Photovoltaic Modules for Room Air Conditioning in Kolkata City

Kamaljyoti Talukdar


India is a hot climatic country there is an urgent need for refrigeration mainly in May (the hottest month),March, and September (moderate hot), and also a heating requirement for cold weather (January). The present work deals with the air refrigeration in Kolkata city of a room maintained at 15oC in May(hottest
month)(with evaporator temperature (12oC), condenser temperature (38oC)), at 20oC in March (with evaporator temperature (18oC), condenser temperature (36oC)) ,at 22oC in September (with evaporator temperature (20oC),condenser temperature(34oC)), and heat pump for a room maintained at 34oC in
January(coldest month)(with evaporator temperature (15oC),condenser temperature (30oC)) throughout the day with R-134a as refrigerant. The compressive power needed by compressor both ideally and actually for
May, March and September decreases from 1:00 hour to 5:00 hours, increases from 6:00hours to 15:00 hours and again decreases from 16:00 hours to 24:00 hours. For January compressive power needed ideally and actually increases from 1:00 hour to 5:00 hours, decreases from 6:00hours to 15:00 hours and again increases from 16:00 hours to 24:00 hours. So based on Central Electronics Limited Make PM 150 solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules, SPV required in series and parallel for May and January are 2 and 1. The charging amount and discharging amount ideally by battery which is rechargeable in months of May,
March, September and January is 31.102Ah, 1.595Ah; 27.133 Ah, 0.322 Ah; 26.887 Ah, 0.782 Ah and 20.663 Ah,0.695Ah respectively. The charging amount and discharging amount actually by battery which is rechargeable in months of May, March, September and January is 30.824Ah, 1.878Ah; 27.039 Ah, 0.379
Ah; 26.751 Ah, 0.9209 Ah and 20.605 Ah,0.821Ah respectively. The extra current produced by SPV during daytime is stored in rechargeable battery having capacity of 9.856 Ah for ideal case and 11.613 Ah for actual case for operating in night time.


Condenser, evaporator, heat pump, PM 150, solar photovoltaic (SPV)

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