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A Review on Solar Air Heater

Shweta V


Solar energy has grown in importance in recent years as a result of the negative environmental effects of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion, as well as the rising cost of electricity generation as traditional energy sources become scarce. Solar air heaters are the most straightforward and cost-effective technique to harness solar energy. It converts solar energy into thermal energy for a variety of heating applications, including timber seasoning, space heating, and process heating. This paper provides a review of the available literature on solar air heaters. The review is carried out to allow researchers to debate and evaluate their findings. The study gives an overview of solar air heater technology, as well as a detailed explanation of different types of solar air heaters and solar air heaters with different absorber plate surface geometries to enhance heat transfer rates. There are various designs of solar air heaters with and without heat storing materials, particularly phase change materials. Using fins on the absorber plate and a changeable surface form of the absorber plate promotes heat transfer during sunny hours, while using PCM (thermal energy storage medium) supplies heat energy during overcast hours. As a consequence, solar air heaters are becoming more popular in a wide range of applications.


Solar air heater, renewable energy, solar energy, thermal insulation, absorber plate

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