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Fabrication and Design of AC Water Heater

Omkar Pokharkar, Sairaj Phatak, Sarvesh Shinde, Sanket Dongare, Sandeep Jadhav


As we know the construction of split air conditioner where we put evaporator unit indoors which gives cool conditioned air meanwhile the condenser is kept outside or outdoors which continuously give heat to the environment from refrigerant during the time of air conditioner is working. The heat which is getting discharge from the condenser is very large enough that it ranges between 4 and 6 times greater than power of compressor and this heat from the condenser of AC is getting wasted into the environment without taking any side benefit. So, in our project we will get double benefits by installing AC at home that will give cooling effect at the same time by utilizing the waste heat from condenser and discharge heat to the water. Our main goal of this project is to successfully complete this mechanism and to protect the environment and the surrounding places which are affected by hot air eliminated from AC.


Air conditioner, split AC, water heater, refrigerant, heat energy

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