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Analysis of Thermo Hydraulic Performance of Artificial V-Rib Roughness of Solar Air Heater: A Review

Mithilesh Kumar, K.D.P. Singh


Solar air heaters (SAHs) are the simplest energy conversion device which transforms incoming solar radiation to thermal energy. In traditional SAH the convective heat transfer rate is low. To improve heat transfer rate the artificial rib roughness is employed on the absorber plate. Although rib roughness increases the heat transfer rate, as well as the pressure drop due to friction. So in order to achieve maximum increment in thermo hydraulic performance it is vital to find optimum rib geometrical parameters. Rib roughness is partite into four categories: (1) transverse, (2) inclined, (3) V shaped and (4) arc shape. This review article discusses the different V shaped rib roughness and their effect on performance of SAH.


Solar air heater, heat transfer, friction factor, thermo hydraulic performance, V shaped rib

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