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Thermal Analysis of Piston

Vijay Pokharkar


Analysis of thermal changes of piston, in an automobile an engine is heart of automobile likely in engine
that actual mean to piston, who having very important role in the engine, Piston is always subjected to
various loads mainly subjected to thermal and mechanical stresses. The role of piston is very clear i.e.
transmit or the guide the piston rod which is connected to crankshaft while transmitting piston has to
carry out gases pressure forces, thermal stresses too. Piston is the reciprocating part of engine which
converts chemical energy into thermal energy then mechanical energy. Therefore piston is always
carrying thermo-mechanical load on the piston, piston fails occurs due to fatigue failure which occurs
due to cyclic mechanical and thermal loading on the piston. To increase the life of piston and to increase
sustainability in thermo-mechanical load wide range of research are going on to modify the design,
thermal properties by changing various material alloy, method of, manufacturing are also changed.
This follows a conventional technique for calculating critical dimensional values using empirical
equations and material constants derived from prior data. Using solid modelling software such as
CATIA v5 and SOLIDWORKS, a three-dimensional model of a piston is created, and meshing is done
or can be built using a finite element model. Further, a finite element model can made by ANSYS which
gives help for actual report of analysis. Thermal flux and temperature distribution are studied in
thermal analysis by applying various temperatures to the piston's surface.


Thermal stress, Ansys, Catia V5, Piston, Solid works.

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