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Techno-Economic Analysis using Ground Water Heat Exchanger for Cooling Purpose in SCOE Seminar Hall

Nikhil Dhivre*, Madan Jagtap, Yash Bhoir, Omkar Chivelkar, Tejas Mokashi


Buildings & indoor comfort conditions have been priority concerns for mankind since ever. This has led to development of Ventilation & Air-Conditioning techniques. This has resulted in activities that have adversely affected the environment. The rapid rate of depletion of the conventional energy sources; the increasing deforestation due to mining, human habitation & farming activities; the growth in pollution and harmful emissions into the atmosphere and consequent adversaries in form of global warming & energy crisis have incepted a posed threat to the survival of the mankind in future world. The engineers today are facing the challenges of providing the comfortable working and living conditions to the society, and also to take care of the conservation of environment. This pursuit of engineers has resulted in identification and development of a cluster of technologies which are not only in favour of conservation of environment but also ensure usage of non-conventional energy sources in an efficient manner. These techniques are collectively known as Passive Techniques. In a typical tropical, hot & humid climate like that of west India, the essence of application of Passive Techniques lies in Building Cooling. Hence, in this sense, the Ground water heat exchanger type of passive cooling technique is applied to cooling the space. This system consists of one circulating pump, suction pipe from underground water and arrangement of circulating pipe up to the height of the building after there is a panel of pipe arrange in such a way to extract heat from the space, arranged in the roof of the of conditioned space. This system work efficiently on the basis of outdoor incident radiation and 7 sol-air temperature, on this climatic condition the Geothermal heat pump work significantly.


Ground water heat exchanger, Global warming, Electricity, Air-conditioning, Passive cooling.

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