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Research Paper on Design and Development of Agricultural Polyhouse Cooler for Temperature Control During Summer

Omkar Hasbe, Sayali Vadagave, Adhiraj Ghatge, Manasi Shetty, Omkar Patil


During the summer season or during hot climates, the plant in the polyhouse or greenhouse needs the controlled temperatures for their optimum growth. If the temperature exceeds the required temperature, it starts damaging the newly springs of buds of plants affecting their productivity. There’s not only the temperature that should be controlled. Polyhouse plants are also affected by the relative humidity. And managing both at the same time is not an easy task. Relative humidity I the moisture content present in the air. To lower the relative humidity, the more water can be vaporized allowing more heat to be removed. Traditionally, the owners manually spray waters. But spraying water manually has lots of disadvantages like water clogging, pipes all-round them which proof that this method is so much complex. We need something simple and that requires minimal efforts and also environment friendly and also that requires less space. The whole traditional misting setup costs much, well we have designed this project that overcome all these problems proving itself much more beneficial for the owners. The advantages of this mist system are that there is no use of more pipes in the system and the construction is also less in the system. This design mists and controls the temperature without using lot of water and it can be automated and so on. This project also helps to decrease the amount of gases that harms environment that comes under greenhouse effect and hence protecting the ozone layer. Nowadays, computerized control systems are available which can integrate temperature, light intensity, relative humidity, CO2, plant moisture, nutrient requirement, and plant-protection measures.


polyhouse, cooler, misting, greenhouse, summer, temperature

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