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Solar Stirling Power Generation

Aprajita Kumari, Kavita Shrivastava, Rahul Patil, Aniruddha Pawar, Pradnya Kinge, Nilesh Jadhav


We know the Sun is the natural and unlimited source of the energy which is available at free of cost. Solar Stirling plant is a far more effective and efficient means of producing electrical energy. This technology is recent addition to renewable energy technique. It brings the massive change in the way we use the Solar energy. It Includes Stirling Engine which was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816. Stirling engine is most unique and main component of Solar Stirling plant. The Stirling Engine uses the heat from the Sun in order to rotate and produce electrical energy. It is the heat engine which utilizes cyclic compression and expansion of fluid. The greatest thing about this engine is it can virtually use any heat source in order to run the engine and what is better permanent heat source that the Sun. Unlike the standard PV panels, the Solar Stirling Plant is by wide margin easier and cheaper to build and at the same time it is more effective at harnessing the solar energy from the Sun. It is amazing to know that the Sun actually produces enough energy every single day to sustain the average household electrical needs by constructing the plant which produces enough energy. 


Solar Stirling plant, solar energy, Stirling engine, renewable energy, heat engine

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