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Design, Calculation and Cost Estimation of HVAC system for School Building

Sharad Shukla, Uma Shankar Dubey, Pranshu Parouha, Shubham Patel, Shubham Patel


In this project work we are going to design the energy efficient HVAC system for a school building. The use of air conditioning systems for residential/office buildings were very minimum in the earlier days of 1980’s. Due to the technology advancement and industrial growth buildings were started construction in a closed area and construction of apartment also increased after 1980’s with increased population. Also, ambient temperatures are changed drastically due to global warming effect. The necessity of design of air conditioning system for residential/office buildings is increasing day-by-day and lot of professionals have been developed in this field and adapted themselves into this field as consultants/designers due to the increased requirement. Hence, we also felt necessity to learn this subject and upgrade our knowledge in this field of air conditioning.


HVAC system design, psychometric processes, refrigeration, efficient HVAC system, VRF system

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