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Solar Assisted Dehumidification System Using Liquid Desiccant (Design)

Adarsh Prabhu, Vibhav Pothare, Shraddha Patil, Omkar Khilare


Approximately one-third of the food produced (about 1.3 billion ton), worth about US $1 trillion, is lost globally during postharvest operations every year. India, being agricultural dominated country, large amount of agricultural products is cultivated each year, but due to lack of proper storage facilities considerable amount of agricultural products like grains, onions, potatoes gets spoiled /rote due to atmospheric moisture. India has incurred post harvest losses to the tune of 502,389 metric tons of rice and 133,206 metric tons of wheat. Indian farmers incur Rs 92,651 Crores per year in post-harvest losses. The main spoiling factor is moisture. Also in case of air conditioning systems like fish storages, vegetable storages with heavy latent loads, removing the moisture content prior to cooling of air will drastically increase cooling power of system. All of these factors become the reason of high power consumption and loss of food products. Through this project we are trying to build an economical machine that can facilitate food storage in humid countries like India.



Absorption, Dessicant, Heating, Regeneration, Cooling.

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