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Bh. Nagesh, Bh. Kaumodaki, I.N. Niranjan Kumar


Being the student of Andhra University College of Engineering, as a project for the partial fulfillment of B.Tech Degree in
Mechanical Engineering, a miniature working model of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) has been prepared
with a cold water pump, a raw water pump and a small turbine and condenser using RANKINE cycle which can generate
approximately 25W electrical power. For getting the cold water at 4 0 C, which is available at 1000 m depth in the sea, the
miniature model has been prepared with a glass container in which ice cubes are poured and mixed with water to simulate
the 4 0 C water in the sea. For warm water another container has been used in which the temperature is maintained at 32 0 C
(ambient temperature). Since Ammonia (NH 3 ) is not available, the rankine’s cycle was run with the help of FREON-12 (R-
12) gas. This miniature project has been run successfully & generated about 25 W and with which the experiment has been
demonstrated by giving this power to illuminate few LED’s and a 15W CFL Bulb. And Finally demonstrated the important
Applications of OTEC renewable energy source for future applications.

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