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Effect of Annealing on Structural and Surface Properties of Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films

T. Shiyani, U. D. Khachar, R. Mansuriya, P. Solanki, R. Doshi, P. Vachhani, J. H. Markna, D. G. Kuberkar


ZnO thin films with different grain size were grown on amorphous quartz substrate using spin coating method. We have reported the effect of annealing temperatures on the structural and surface properties of ZnO thin films. The surface properties were characterized by AFM. From XRD analysis, it can be seen that, the FWHM decreases with an increase in annealing temperature from 500 to 575ºC which is reflected in the increase in the particle size with annealing temperature. The grains are well developed in nature with the size ranging between 100 and 200 nm and the height of the grains range between 25 and 55 nm. The absorption spectrum in the UV-visible range of ZnO film was taken to confirm the diameter of nanoparticle. The value of the average diameter (D) of ZnO particle in the CSD grown film is estimated to be ~10 nm, which is in the range of the particle size obtain from XRD.


ZnO, thin film, microstructure, annealing

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