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A Simple Sol–Gel Route for the Synthesis and Characterization of Tm-Doped CaAl2O4 Nanophosphor

M. Freeda, G. Suresh


Calcium Aluminate nanophosphor doped with Thulium (CaAl2O4: Tm) was synthesized by simple sol–gel route.The obtained nanophosphor was characterized by X-ray diffraction technique (XRD). The surface morphology was determined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Alsophotoluminescence spectra (PL), and thermogravimetric analysis/differential scanning calorimetry (TGA/DSC) characterization were done. The  XRD revealed the formation of monoclinic structure and the particle size was determined by Scherrer formula. It showed that the particles were of somewhat round shape and interlinked with each other, leading to the formation of bigger particles. Also it was found that some irregular aggregations were formed in the image. It was found that PL emission was obtained at 390nm, 520 nm, 790 nm corresponding to blue, green and IR region of the spectrum, respectively for 360nm excitation. Also, PL emission was obtained at 395nm, 535 nm, 805 nm for 800nm excitation. When comparing up-conversion luminescence with down-conversion, the up-conversion luminescence spectra were red shifted.


XRD, SEM, PL, sol–gel method, calcium aluminate nanophosphor

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