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Brief Review on Synthesis of CdSe Nanomaterials

Nitya Garg


Semiconductor nanomaterials which belong to II–VI groups of periodic tables are considered to be important class of materials for both fundamental research point of view as well as production of solid state devices. Among all II–VI groups of semiconductor nanomaterials, cadmium selenide is found to be one of the potential materials for the fabrication of optoelectronic devices and in biomedical applications because of its direct band gap nature and the capacity of changing optical and electrical property by changing its particle size. Literature review revealed that high quality CdSe nanostructures have been synthesized by various physical and chemical methods. Each method results in a material with significantly different properties depending on the synthetic route. This paper summarizes the considerable work that has been done till now in the area of synthesis of CdSe nanomaterials in order to produce highly monodisperse nanostructures.


Keywords: Semiconductor, cadmium selenide, quantum dots, nanoparticles, thin films

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