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Structural Investigation on Synthesized Ag Doped ZnO-MWCNT and its applications

D. Saravanakkumar, S. Uma Devi, S. Sivaranjani, S. Gnanasaravanan, A. Ayeshamariam, B. Ravikumar, S. Pandiarajan


Metal doped multiwalled carbon nanotube with metal oxide has unique properties which provide the remarkable studies in the field many applications. Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) is a semiconducting material with a large excitation binding energy of 60 meV and wide energy band gap of 3.367 eV. The doping of silver naoparticle with ZnO/MWCNT composite materials offer values and makes it as advanced multifunctional materials. Silver nanoparticles are a highly active antibacterial agent for various types of microorganism and act as good photo degradation agent. In this work, the Ag doped ZnO/MWCNT nanocomposite have been synthesized by simplified spray pyrolysis method. Structural and morphological studies were carried out for the nanocomposite using Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM). Elemental composition analysis was observed with Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectroscopy. Optical studies such as Ultra-Violet-visible and Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectroscopy Uv-Vis and FTIR were employed to obtain the details of absorption and functional groups. The result obtained by antibacterial and photocatalytic on Ag:ZnO/MWCNT nanocompsite shows the expected inhibition for minimum quantities of product solution in µl and photodegradation with short duration respectively. 


Keywords: Nanocomposites, XRD, FESEM, Antimicrobial and Photocatalytic.

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