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A Comparative Analysis of Characterization of Silicon Nanowire and CNT FETs

Vivek Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Dayal C. Sati, Rohit .


The CMOS technology has been replaced by nano-scale semiconductor devices for future nanotechnology. These nano scale semiconductor devices have been replaced by nanowire FET and CNT FET due to their outstanding device physics. In this paper, a comparative analytical study on the basis of their operation, characteristics, structure and design has been investigated. HSPICE has been used to simulate CNT FET and comparison has been done with nanowire FET. The performance parameters i.e. transconductance, inverse subthreshold slope have been analyzed. It has been seen that CNT FET provides more promising results as compared with nanowire FET in all respects.


Carbon nanotube, CNT FET, HSPICE, nanowire, nanowire FET

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