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High Speed Dispenser System Using VLSI Devices for EW Applications

N D Sharma, G P Govil


In present war scenario, Electronic Warfare plays a vital role. With advancement in the missile technology, the
present day missiles having enhanced speed, performance and maneuverability. In order to tackle these
advanced missiles the existing Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) are also needed to be upgraded. EW
dispenser system is being used to dispensing IR Flare, Chaff and Electro-Optic (EO) material. However the
present day dispenser systems suffer from the drawback of high firing interval and capacity of carrying and
fire either Flare or Chaff or EO. This paper discusses the high speed dispenser system using automation tools
and VLSI devices by which these dispensers can dispense at high speed and have simultaneous firing.
Keywords: EW dispenser system, VLSI based EW dispenser system

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