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Numerical Investigation of Drag and Lift Forces on Turbulent Flow on an Airfoil Shaped Body at Different Angles of Attack

Suvanjan Bhattacharya, Shramona Chakraborty, Sumanta Laha


Numerical analysis of drag and lift force on an airfoil shaped body at different angles is presented. Fundamentals of aircraft design are provided with detailed estimation of the aerodynamic drag and lift of airfoil is presented. This work presents the configuration optimization of an aerofoil body in air using SST computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and compared with the experimental result. The governing equations are solved with a finite-volume-based numerical method. A three-dimensional non uniform grid was generated, in order to critically examine the flow. At different angle the coefficient of drag and lift is determine. Airfoil was placed in a low speed wind tunnel with pressure taps along its surface. The wind tunnel was operated at nominal velocities during the coefficient measurement, a Reynolds number of about 100–2000. The airfoil, with a 10 inch chord, was analyzed at 0o, 5o, 10o, 15o, 20o, 25o angles of attack and with fixed load.


Keywords: CFD, drag force, coefficient of drag, coefficient of lift, wind tunnel

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