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Innovative Approaches to Improve Electrochemical Machining Performance

Avinash  M. Pawar, Sachin  S.  Chavan, S. T. Chavan, D. S.  Bilgi


New developments in material science have invented high-strength temperature-resistant (HSTR) materials with many extraordinary qualities. Now a day's these advanced and smart materials such as nickel-based super alloys, stainless steel and tool steel are the demands of automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices and communication industries for production of more durable and reliable products. Machining of these materials is a challenge and traditional manufacturing techniques are often found unfit for the purpose. One needs to use non-traditional or advanced manufacturing techniques in general and advanced machining processes in particular. ECM provides the alternative to traditional or conventional machining processes without a direct contact between the tool and the workpiece, with high material removal rates, irrespective of diverse mechanical properties of the workpiece. This review paper deals with the research on electrochemical machining (ECM) process which is carried out to improve the electrochemical machining performance and to study current developments in ECM. Different approaches to improve the dimensional control and process performance of ECM are reviewed.

 Keywords: Electrochemical machining, machining performance, surface roughness, metal removal rate, dimensional control

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Avinash M. Pawar, Sachin S. Chavan, S.T. Chavan et al. Innovative Approaches to Improve Electrochemical Machining Performance. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(2): 9–16p.

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