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Numerical Investigation on Performance Analysis of Turmeric Curing Steam Generator

Randhir Y. Chavan, Sharad D. Patil, Nilesh C. Gaikwad, Swapnil D. Gaikwad


In this paperarticle, an analysis of the on- field steam temperature produced in a plain tube- type turmeric curing steam generator and a numerically modified steam generator are is presented. The performance of the steam generator used to cure turmeric is studied using a numerical model. The numerical model is validated with on- field data of from a plain- tube type turmeric curing steam generator. The simulation results and on-field data are found to be in good agreement. The plain tube- type turmeric curing steam generator’'s overall effectiveness is relatively low, and found to be 10% at given operating conditions. Twisted Tape (TT) with a twist ratio of 5 is used as the passive heat transfer material in the development of the numerical model. The numerical outcomes demonstrated that adding twisted tape to a turmeric curing steam generator with a plain  tube increased the steam temperature by 9.5%. The achieved steam temperature with the modified turmeric curing steam generator is within the expected temperature required for curing turmeric rhizomes and to maintain good- quality cooking.

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