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The Future of Industrial Robotics: A Critical Analysis of Pick and Place Delta Robots

Devesh Bendale, Dhruva Bhutekar, Prasad Chaudhari, Gaurav Jadhav, Avinash Chavhan, Shishupal Yelgatte


Robotics will be used in this project to control a machine-centric robot for a specific procedure, and an HMI screen will be created for the robot. This robot is specifically made for industrial pick-and-place operations. The desired application is operated by a four-axis delta robot. It has three drives and six motors, and when the drives and motors are coordinated, the manipulator moves in a robotically appropriate manner. The operator can instruct the robot both automatically and manually by employing the HMI. This machine will be utilisedutilized to pick up the item from a specific location and place it where it is needed. The project’'s goals are to comprehend a robot’'s mechanical construction as well as its characteristics, requirements, electrical system, and sensors. Studying communication networks and applications can help you comprehend how sensors and robot motion are synced. The primary task of the project will be to programme a robot in a user-friendly manner using technology in accordance with the designated application. Finally, developing and configuring the HMI screen for the robot. Testing and debugging the robotic model using third-party software, where the full robot can be remotely replicated, the programme is accessible, and the working of the robot can be examined.

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