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Design of Triple Rocker Four Bar Mechanism and Spiral Spring as Suspension for the Planetary Rover Prototype

K. Vasantha Kumar, Akula Deep Chander, N. Balakrishna


Now-a-days rovers plays important role in space organizations for the space explorer like NASA, ISRO, whereas Enter and perform required operation in the no-man entry region like space, medical requirement, Underground, mining, and military actions. These need to flexible towards up and Down surfaces to tilt itself and adjust to move over surface obstacles on that Region and isolate as automatic autonomous Suspension. This paper reveals about the design of triple rocker four bar mechanism and spiral spring as suspension for planetary rover prototype for patient food supply and sanitization of hospital is the main purpose. These mechanism lengths of links were design by using three position displacement angles with function generation method and Pythagoras theorem. These adjacent links are developed and modified for better stability and increase more convenient for motor and wheels assembles for the rover. These adjacent links are controls with a spiral spring were designed under the safe condition. These design dimensions are used to construction of rover prototype by manufacture and assemble of the components. These prototype movements control with the electronic components like ARUDINO UNO board, Bluetooth module, L293N motor shield module, DC motors of 100 rpm, battery and connected with jumper wires. This board is programmed in ARUDNIO software and inserted in the motor shield L293N module. As the result movement control with mobile phone app and stability control with spiral spring of the planetary rover prototype.

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