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Aero-craft Construction using Nano-materials

Alpana Chaudhary, Ayushi Pandey


The employment of different nanomaterial as constituents in the design & construction of aircraft & space craft is discussed. This papers deals with the characteristics features of the nanomaterial over the other macro & micro elements. The potential of nanomaterial is enhanced in the aerospace engineering & space science field with their evolving features. This study focused on different utilization of nanomaterial in the air craft or space craft layout. The major obstacles faced by the spacecraft in the space are due to eccentric climatic condition is resolved by the introduction of nanomaterial. The major nanomaterial based on characteristics features used for different purpose is classified. Advanced nanomaterial such as nonporous membranes, self-healing nanomaterial, high strength Nano composites, and adaptive and actuating nanostructures can provide revolutionary solutions. There are still many other ways nanotechnology could help space travel while major are discussed in this article. In lightweight aircraft constructions, fatigue damage, and corrosion resistance, advanced composites were employed. The unique characteristics (mechanical, electrical, thermal, and magnetic, etc.) of Nano scale materials that change suddenly with changes in their size (1- 100nm). The history, employability in different sectors of nanomaterial is discussing in this article.

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