Nano-Tech and Indian Regulatory Regime: A Review

Shashank Shekhar Pandey


Nano-technology is still a niche field in the realm of science and technology, however its potential in terms of increased efficacy and effectiveness cannot and should not be taken away. In a world driven by advancements in innovation and technology, like any other scientific advancement nano-tech brings into the light question about use and abuse and therefore it becomes imperative to ask ourselves that whether or not we are fully equipped to control its abuse and protect the bona-fide usage of the technology. To keep a vigil and curb the abuse it is needed that we regulate the field. These regulations serve us in order to keep up with the ever-evolving fields of science & technology but in order to keep up with the pace of evolution the regulatory regime has to have a robust framework and a foresight because of certain limitations of law. Hence this paper becomes important as we analyze the Indian approach for governing the field of nanotechnology, as we discuss the lacunae and scope of improvement in the current approach of the Indian government and policymakers viz-a-viz existence of a gap in terms of robust framework governing and regulating this emerging field.


India, Nano-technology, Regulatory Regime, Science and technology.

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