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Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Pseuderanthemum malabaricum and Evaluation of Anticancer Activity

Luay Khadim Hanoon, Chander Amgoth, Suman Joshi D.S. Doddapaneni, Ahmed Khaldoon Yasir, Krishna Satya Alapati


The present study was focused on eco-friendly and green approach synthesis of silver nanoparticles using plant extracts of P. malabaricum. The morphological and physical properties of synthesized silver nanoparticles were analyzed using various spectroscopic and microscopic studies such as UV visible spectroscopy, FT-IR, XRD, SEM with EDAX, DLS, Zeta potential and Particle size analyzer. After structural characterization, the synthesized silver nanoparticles were subjected to anti-cancer activity studies against cervical cancer cell line i.e., HeLa cells using MTT assay.


Silver nanoparticles, Pseuderanthemum malabaricum, SEM, DLS, Zeta potential, HeLa cells.

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