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Efficient Nanostructure Cathode Material for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: LaSr0.5Mn0.5Co2-xFexO5+δ

M. M. Fukate, A. B. Bodade, G. N. Chaudahry


While significant progress has been made in anode materials with enhanced tolerance to coking and contaminant poisoning, cathodic polarization still contributes considerably to energy loss, more so at lower operating temperatures. Here we report a synergistic effect of co-doping in a cation-ordered double-perovskite material, LaSr0.5Mn0.5Co2-xFexO5+δ , which has created pore channels that dramatically enhance oxygen ion diffusion and surface oxygen exchange while maintaining excellent compatibility and stability under operating conditions. Test cells based on these cathode materials demonstrate peak power densities, 2.2 W/cm2 at 600°C, representing an important step toward commercially viable SOFC technologies.


Keyword: Fuel cell, SOFC, Perovskites, Sol-gel, Nanostructure, Impedance

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