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Recycle and Reuse of Water Treatment Plant Sludge as a Coagulant in Sewage Treatment Plant

Wasim Mukhtar, Vishal Sharma, Rajshri Raut, Raj Sonune


Today, with environmental problem most of the urban and semi-urban settlements all over the world, face the problem of waste water and solid waste disposal. So, there should be proper arrangement for the disposal as the waste sludge generated from water treatment plant. One of the ways to achieve this is to recycle and reuse the water treatment plant sludge and thus minimize problem of disposal of sludge. The primary objective of this research was to evaluate the possibilities and procedures for sludge use sludge as a coagulant. Sludge from water treatment plant (WTP) can be used in sewage treatment plant (STP) as a coagulant to
reduce the settling time. Sludge from water treatment plant (WTP) consists of certain amount of coagulant which we can introduced to primary & secondary sedimentation tank (PST & SST) of sewage treatment plant is bound to act as a coagulant resulting in formation of flocs which further decreases the detention time and increasing efficiency of PST and SST. Therefore, recycling water treatment residue (sludge) to the coagulation-flocculation processes of sewage treatment plant will allow reduction of operational costs with reagents as these are residue and are easily available in abundance.


Water treatment plant, Sewage Treatment plant, Sludge, Efficiency, Recycle)

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