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Effects of Introducing Cylindrical Ceramic Packing into a Single Slope Solar Distillation Unit

P. Vamsi Krishna, V. Sridevi, Sri Hari Priya



Water is important for all life forms on earth-plants, animals and human being, etc. For fresh water necessities, humanity relies on rivers, ponds, lakes and underground water reservoirs. The available fresh water on earth is mounted; however, the demand of fresh water is exaggerated owing to growth and speedy industrial enterprise. Therefore, there is a great need of proper water purification technique with less price. During this situation, solar distillation plays an awfully vital role. This method is analogous to natural water cycle but processed beneath closed and controlled conditions. The basin area of the still, free surface area of water, inlet temperature of water, wind velocity, solar radiation, depth are some of the factors that affect the productivity of the solar still. In the present work, the effects of introducing cylindrical ceramic packing into the basin of a solar distillation unit to increase the area of the basin were studied and compared with the results of solar distillation unit without packing. The maximum efficiency for copper electroplated aluminium basin with cylindrical ceramic packing and black painted basin with cylindrical ceramic packing at three litres of wastewater are 54.86 and 64.64% respectively.


Keywords: Solar distillation, copper electroplated Al basin, Al basin with black paint, cylindrical ceramic packing

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Vamsi Krishna P, Sridevi V, Sri Hari Priya B. Effects of Introducing Cylindrical Ceramic Packing into a Single Slope Solar Distillation Unit. Journal of Water Pollution & Purification Research. 2016; 3(3):      1–14p.

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