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Possibility to Treat Car Wash Effluent by Electrocoagulation: A Review

Sasi Kumar N, Chauhan M. S


Increased economy and the need of luxury journey of people lead in the increased number of cars on the roads. Periodically car is being drenched with huge quantity of water in the name of cleaning the pollutants from atmosphere. The very body of the car is imparted into the water when it is washed with the detergents, which aid to remove those dust particles, oil and grease from the machineries. This paper describes briefly about the process, mechanism, benefits, drawbacks of electrocoagulation, characteristics of car wash effluent, its environmental impacts, and how it would be a possibility to treat the car wash effluent using the process.


Keywords: Electrocoagulation, car wash effluents, MBAS, benefits of EC, drawbacks of EC

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