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Boron in Groundwater of National Capital Region Delhi

Aditya Sarkar, Simran Arora, Shashank Shekhar


The National Capital Region (NCR) Delhi has grown as a populous urban conglomerate in
last few years. The development of this region could be linked to rapid industrialization and
an accelerated population growth. However, this has also led to large-scale pollution of
natural freshwater resources including groundwater in the region. The water quality changes
are also visible in floodplains of Yamuna River, particularly in growing suburban areas
around Delhi. This article highlights changes in natural hydrochemical character of the
groundwater systems in the region, focusing on Boron. The study establishes the spatial and
temporal variation in Boron concentration of groundwater. It also describes possible sources
of Boron contamination in groundwater of the region.

Keywords: Boron, Contamination, Yamuna, NCR Delhi, Palla

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Aditya Sarkar, Simran Arora, Shashank
Shekhar. Boron in Groundwater of
National Capital Region Delhi. Journal
of Water Pollution & Purification
Research. 2016; 3(2): 30–36p.

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