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Effects of solvents at a systemic level, and their prevention

S. L. Becerra Torres, J. C. Hernández Ramírez, J. C. Becerra Escobedo


The anthropogenic activities derive in the production and emission of pollutants. These substances are used in industry and at home to break down raw materials, products and residual substances. Its impact on public health is significantly adverse. The solvents are inhaled, ingested, absorbed. Chronic exposure can cause various pathologies at a systemic level including cancer, while acute exposure can lead to death. The purpose of this research is to show the different effects of the solvents in the organism, as well as to propose actions tending to the prevention and protection against its effects. In this documentary analysis, sufficient scientific evidence was found regarding the wide range of pathologies that solvents generate in humans.

Keywords: solvent, injurie, organ, pathologie, xenobiotic

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