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Landuse/Landcover Classification in parts of the Sathyavedu Area, Chittoor District (Andhra Pradesh), India by using Remote sensing and GIS Techniques

Veeraswamy Golla, Rajasekhar M, Balaji E, Harish P


The aim of the present is to identifying the land use and cover analysis of Sathyavedu area, chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India by using Geographical Information System. The present study have been employed with survey of India toposheet No's. 57 O/14, O/15, 66 C/2, and C/3 and Remote sensing LISS-III data. On the basis of field study, topographical maps and satellite data have been determined 15 categories’ in the study area. These are Built up (Rural), Mining / industrial, Hamlets and dispersed household, Reservoir / Tanks, River / Stream / Drain, River / Stream / Drain, Lakes /Ponds, Canal, Scrubland Open, Scrubland Dense, Barren rocky, Cropland, Aquaculture/pisciculture, Agriculture plantation, Forest plantation and  Forest. In overall, the majorly occupied with forest land followed by cropland.

Keywords: Landuse, Landcover, Satellite Imageries, Remote sensing and GIS

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