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Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for Land Use/Land Cover Mapping in Rewari District, Haryana

Jitendra Kumar


Spatial information is very important for the implementation of planning and development activities. Land use planners are always keen to know land use/cover types and their change detection in time series for sustainable land management. Remote sensing with its multispectral, multi-temporal and synoptic view has the potential to provide accurate spatial and temporal information on land-use/land cover of a region in a time and cost effective manner for the sustainable development of the region. The present study is a case study of Rewari district which is located in the NCR region of Haryana state. This study has analyzed the land use pattern of Rewari district. Both spatial and non-spatial data have been used for the conduct of present study. Spatial data include topographical sheets and satellite imageries that have been used to detect land-use/land cover from the study area whereas non-spatial data include census population data. Study reflect that majority of area in the district are agricultural. All other category like; built-up area, forest/grassland, water body and wasteland constitutes only 10 percent of the study area. The district lacks forest cover which spread over only 0.5 percent of the study area.

Keywords: Remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), spatial information, land-use

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