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Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Detection and Delineation of Waterlogging in Rohtak District

Ankur Sharma, Vinod Kumar, Prem Prakash Sharma, Sultan Singh, R. S. Hooda


Waterlogging is becoming a serious problem in irrigated command areas of India which causes farm, regional and national level effect on crop production and economic growth. An attempt has been made to make an assessment of the major land degradation process, i.e., waterlogged and those areas sensitive to waterlogging during the pre and post monsoon periods in the Rohtak district using remotely sensed and field data. IRS P6- LISS-III digital data were analyzed to assess the areas affected by waterlogging and validation of derived waterlogged areas was done using available water table depth data and other field information. The study area has been analyzed by slope assessment and DEM using spot height from the SOI Toposheet. The results obtained from this study indicate that in Oct. and Mar. 2005-06, Oct. and Mar. 2008-09, some 7 km2 and 1.36 km2 area was permanently waterlogged and about 222 km2 and 69 km2 area was seasonally waterlogged, respectively. The results show that waterlogging has decreased by 6.69 km2 and seasonal waterlogging has decreased by 153 km2. The study concludes that water logging has proper urban planning with its thrust on sufficient canal and drainage network with aforestation is suggested to avoid waterlogging.

Keywords: Waterlogging, IRS P6 LISS-III, Rohtak, DEM

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